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Below are the most common types of presentations requested, however we can modify our presentation to fit your individual classroom needs, please call us to let us know how we can assist you.

Children's Savings Presentation

This presentation is geared towards younger students. Children will gain an understanding of what a bank is, why it is safe to keep money in a bank, how to put money into a bank, why people save money, a basic understanding of interest, how they as children can save money, and how banks help communities.

Teen Banking Presentation "Tools To Manage Your Money"

This presentation is geared towards students in grades 7 to 12 who already have a general understanding of banking. Students should gain a perspective of basic Checking and Savings Accounts. We will discuss interest and compound interest. Bank products associated with checking and savings accounts will be briefly introduced such as Debit/ATM cards and Internet Banking. We will discuss budgeting and the importance of saving money for the future. We will explain Credit, its importance, and how to establish and maintain good Credit. Students will become familiar with Identity Theft and how to protect their identity. We will emphasize the importance of establishing a relationship with a bank now and how it can help them prepare now for their future.

Checking Accounts Presentation

This presentation is geared towards students who already have a general understanding of banking. Students will gain a perceptive of what a Checking Account is and how it will help them manage their money. Students will learn about opening and maintaining a checking account. We will demonstrate how to write checks and record transactions in a check register, as well as how to read a monthly statement. Students will be introduced to the different products associated with a checking account such as a Debit/ATM cards, Direct Deposit, Telephone Banking and Internet Banking.

The ABC's of Credit

This presentation is geared towards high school students in grades 11 or 12. It focuses entirely on credit cards. Students will learn the seven important rules of credit cards. They will gain a perspective on credit card costs and behaviors, and how to best select their first credit card by understanding the language within credit card disclosures, the different fees and finance charges. The Do's and Don'ts of credit cards will be discussed, as well as the consequences of irresponsible credit card use.

Career Day

A Newfield National Bank employee(s) will gladly come to your school to share their career experiences with students.

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