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Convenience Services

Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking Line - (800) 690-3440

Newfield National Bank offers all of its customers access to the Telephone Banking Line. The Telephone Banking Line is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for automated account information regarding:

  • Checking, Savings, CD or IRA Account Information.
  • Loan Account Information.
  • Money Transfers between your Checking and Savings Accounts.
  • Loan Payments from your Checking or Savings Accounts.
  • Current Rate and Banking Information.
  • Merchant Check Verification.

Availability: Any customer that maintains an account with Newfield National Bank.

Visit one of Newfield National Bank's conveniently located branches and complete an application to gain access to the Telephone Banking.


Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Boxes keep valuable items safe and easily accessible.

Box Size Cost Per Year
2 x 5 $30.00** plus tax
3 x 5 $40.00** plus tax
5 x 5 $45.00 plus tax
3 x 10 $55.00 plus tax
5 x 10  $65.00 plus tax
10 x 10  $120.00 plus tax

Availability: Safe deposit boxes may be opened by anyone 18 years of age or older. (A minor’s name may be on a contract with an adult).


  • Low cost
  • Peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe
  • Easy access and convenient office hours
  • May have several names on the contract as co-owners
  • May have name on contract as deputy
  • Personal and courteous service

**These charges are waived for Gold Club Members for one year.


Direct Deposit

Any recurring payment such as Social Security and Disability checks, Armed Services payments, Railroad Retirement checks and company payrolls, can be directly deposited into your checking or savings account, providing maximum safety and convenience.


Direct deposit can be used to have your payroll deposited directly to your account from your employer. This saves you time by reducing the need to rush to the bank to cash your payroll check and reduces the possibility of lost or stolen checks. Ask your employer if they support Direct Deposit for your payroll.


Direct Deposit allows you to pay your employees on timely basis without the hassle of checks. This will reduce time on check reconciliation, handing out checks, and concern over lost or stolen checks. Please check with us for additional information.


Visa Gift Card

Visa gift cards are better than gift certificates because you are not limited to one store or one mall. The customer can use them virtually anywhere: stores, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, and museums accept them.

Availability: Available to all customers and non-customers for a fee of $2.50. The card is good through the embossed expiration date. Minimum load amount $10.00 Maximum $1000.00. 

  • No ATMs - No cash advances - No online gambling
  • Pin Numbers for Point of Sale transactions may be obtained by calling 1-866-208-3282
  • After twelve (12) months of activation, a cardholder’s balance will be assessed a $4.95 monthly fee. The fee will begin at the beginning of the 13th month from the date of the last debit/credit.


  • No worries about handling cash.
  • Balances can be obtained by calling 1-866-208-3282, online at
  • To report a lost or stolen card, call 1-866-208-3282. A card may be replaced if ownership can be authenticated and the balance on the card is greater than $10.00 with a replacement fee of $15.00.

To Open: See any Customer Service Representative.

For any other questions, refer to Card Services at 1-866-208-3282 


Notary Services

A public officer who attests or certifies writings.

Availability: Available to all account customers.

  • Notarizes documents for customers.
  • There is No Charge for this service.
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